Calyptura cristata

Aim (Experiment 1)I was struck by the descriptive language used to describe both the bird and the lack of knowledge about the species. For example, from the Cornell Lab of […]

Bostrychia bocagei

[Updated essay posted below] Dear Timo,Life and my head are fragmented at the moment – not so much in a bad way, but: week 10 teaching semester with anxious honours […]

Dromius minor

Aim: This illustrated vignette, created by Frenchman Charles Alexandre Lesueur from studies and specimens on a scientific expedition to Australia in 1807, implies a kind of ‘nuclear family’ setting but […]

Geospiza heliobates

Geospiza heliobates / Camarhynchus heliobatesMangrove finch Scientists and artists know that the way to handle an immense topic is often through close attention to a small aspect of it, revealing […]

Siberian Cranes

Leucogeranus leucogeranus

Aims: Process: Insights: If defined by wintering grounds, there used to be three distinct populations of Siberian Crane. The last bird of the central population, which used to winter in […]

Anas laysanensis

Laysan Duck | Anas laysanensis Aims: This work reminds us to carry the memory of that which we cannot personally remember, in our being, in our stories, in our culture. […]

Pinguinus impennis

Aims: Process: Insights: Compelling stories: This BBC article discusses Dr Jessica Thomas’ research on the Great Auk, making the case that hunting by humans was solely responsible for the species […]

Strigops habroptilus

Aims: Process: Insights: Compelling stories: The Kakapo has fascinated me for years. It is a nocturnal parrot that looks a like an owl, that can live to a hundred (we […]

Hemignathus hanapepe

Digital collage, visually playing with the idea of doubt associated with reported sightings of the bird.

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